Homebase Ambient Campaign

Homebase Ambient Campaign 

Homebase were looking to generate buzz and awareness surrounding their new store (a British Home Improvement store and garden centre) opening in Ruislip. Love Creative Marketing were approached by Zone to create an eye-catching ambient media campaign to raise awareness of Homebase’s latest addition to their many stores across the UK and Ireland.

Clean Stencils & Chalk Stencils


In order to meet Homebase’s objectives of driving awareness and footfall to the new store, Love Creative Marketing devised a campaign to ensure word of mouth and wide overall reach. To communicate directly with Homebase’s target audience, Love Creative Marketing targeted a number of local areas in West Ruislip in proximity to the new store. The campaign also included additional marketing communications including mini billboards, bus adverts, press and online activity.

Clean Stencils


Love Creative Marketing produced captivating clean stencils reflecting Homebase’s professional but creative personality. The stencils were custom made, laser cut and used a mix of steam and high pressure jetting machines to ensure maximum quality and durability. These stencils were placed across specific locations across North West London to target the Homebase audience demographic.

The Impressions clearly demonstrated how ambient media can produce mass attention in centralised locations.

The Results

The event was a success with Homebase’s key objectives fulfilled.

Estimated OTS (Opportunity to see) 105,000

Further results yet to be distributed.


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