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Event promo staff are crucial because they are the face of your brand. The customer does not know whether they have been a long representative of the company or a new starter. It is important that these event promo staff are up to the task and ready to convert potentials.

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MoneyGram approached Love Creative Marketing Agency to help raise awareness and drive new application sign ups targeting a selective audience.

Living far from home doesn’t mean you are not part of the family anymore. You can support and help your family by sending them money. Those transfers also contribute to the good economic health of your home country. Remittances are often considered the best development tool because money arrives where it is needed. With MoneyGram, you can send money with a fast and secure method to those who need it.

MoneyGram is a worldwide money transfer provider providing a financial link between friends and families. Whether it is from an agency, a smartphone or a computer, there is always a way to send money with MoneyGram, with a safe, fast transfer.

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How to send money abroad?

There are several ways to send money to your close one in Africa. Some people give the money to friends or family so that they can bring it with them when they travel, or they use a traditional bank transfer.  That requires that you trust other people with your money in the first case, or that the person in Africa has a bank account to receive the money in the other case. Those methods are also not fast and appropriate in case of an emergency.

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Love creative Marketing’s event promo staff engaged with over 200 personals at the event and generated over a 50% sign up ratio. It is important when targeting new audiences that the promo staff are well trained and are knowledgeable of the product or service they are promoting.

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