Body Count Launch #NOLIVESMATTER

Guerrilla Marketing Campaign London

The Noise Cartel approached Love Creative Marketing to support a marketing campaign for the release of the new album ‘Bloodlust’ by the Los Angeles Metal band ‘Body Count’ and their front man Ice-T. The Album is about to be released on March 31st 2017 and is now being promoted by the release single “No Lives Matter’.

ICE T Video

This song symbolises the political content of the album facing the problems of our society. Inequality, brutality and ignorance. The single is criticising the way people treat lives and especially minorities. A special focus is set on black people. If somebody said ‘Black lives matter’ another might respond ‘all lives matter’. But that is not true. Not all lives face the problems the black population has suffered from throughout the history and right now a change of mind is more important than ever. ‘No Lives Matter’ is revealing the ugly truth: If you are truly honest, everybody says all lives matter, but in reality, no lives matter to them except their own. Let’s start with the minorities in order to create equality and build a foundation for a time where ‘all lives matter’.

Guerrilla Marketing London

In order to promote this album with those really important messages a marketing campaign throughout Europe was started in locations like: London, Berlin, Cologne, Dortmund etc… Love Creative Marketing created a guerrilla marketing campaign targeting selected locations in London.

Promo Marketing



Therefor life-size stencils showing the chalk outlines of a body and the #NoLivesMatter with the total height of 180cm was placed in London key spots. This street art would attract the attention of passengers in locations with high footfall such as Camden Market, Brixton, Stockwell, Hackney and Shoreditch to name a few.

The social media shows that many people would post pictures of this extraordinary artwork on twitter Instagram and Facebook with the #NoLivesMatter, being reposted by the official site nolivesmatterbc. People would do research on the hashtag, therefor the album and finally the message behind it.

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