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How Stealth Marketing is Effective

Stealth marketing can create excitement and interest whilst keeping things ethical

Any guerrilla marketing agency worth its salt will be adept at undercover marketing, or to use its official term, stealth marketing.

Stealth Marketing Agency

Adaptable, ingenious, effective and even sometimes controversial, stealth marketing may push the limits of ethics to the max at times when it comes to steering shoppers to the checkout, but it’s certainly not illegal, and – although it’s not as measurable in its effect as most other marketing techniques – to ignore it could prove catastrophic for guerrilla marketing companies vying in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Stealth marketing done right should leave your business reputation intact

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Surprised Audiences take photos of themselves on billboard – Stealth Marketing Campaign

Is it possible to advertise products and services to consumers without scandalously deceiving them? Absolutely. Most companies are interested in educating and exciting potential customers about their brand, not cunningly picking their pockets; for to do so could put their hard-won business reputation at risk (rendering them vulnerable to bad reviews and word spreading online that they’re a brand to be avoided); and once that happens, it can be nigh on impossible to recover.

Making consumers receptive to buying later

Effective stealth marketing needn’t mean that consumers are misled on their ride towards the eventual buying stage [at the end of the stealth marketing exercise], a journey upon which they have been blissfully unaware that they’ve been advertised to in any shape or form. It’s perfectly possible to forget about selling, and to instead wisely invest some time in subliminally building keenness and curiosity, smartly sacrificing boosted profits from immediate sales confident in the knowledge that revenue will be well-worth waiting for once consumers are directly advertised towards later.

Anyone can benefit from hiring a stealth stealth marketing agency

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Creating a buzz about a product, service or forthcoming event through the utilisation of adroit stealth marketing – as a standalone promotional approach or as understated underpinning for additional marketing later – is certainly not the preserve of the lucky few: the business ‘big boys’ with a bulging stealth marketing war chest to raid at their leisure. Businesses of all kinds and sizes can benefit from stealth marketing; though it must be conceded that for huge brands stealth marketing may only be one option amongst a dazzling array of multiple marketing strategies.

In guerrilla marketing, what most if not all consistent stealth marketing achievers will tell you is that the key to getting it right, and to avoiding alienating your audience – a consumer group that you may have spent decades cultivating and engendering loyalty from – is thorough research.

What to do now

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If you’re going to invest in stealth marketing, and are concerned about it backfiring through the adopted approach having an adverse impact upon consumer opinion, decrease the risk by doing your homework first. Formulating and carrying out surveys, and taking the time to scrutinise relevant consumer data, is proven in helping marketing pros develop the right stealth marketing materials for their particular audience.

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