Brand Ambassadors to promote your event

Brand Ambassadors

Providers of Brand Ambassadors who are trained to represent your brand. Operating on a nationwide scale and internationally where we contract our long standing relationship partners. on our books we have a wide variety of event managers, team leaders, drivers, riggers, costume characters,  exhibition staff, pop up shop retail staff to name a few. Our database is very strong in areas such as London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Scotland and can accommodate rural areas however travel fees may apply.

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We have a database of 4-5000 Brand Ambassadors nationwide ready to promote your products and services.

Brand Ambassadors

From roadshows, small or large advertising campaigns  in several locations, our well trained motivated Brand Ambassadors will spread the word successfully to your entire target audience.  Events Staffing is one of our key strengths and we would advise our clients on best ways how to communicate target audiences so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

So if you are looking for well trained Brand Ambassadors to help promote your brand or service or product call Love Creative Marking Agency on 0207 607 2568 or email

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