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Given how most of marketing is done online now, it may seem counterproductive to focus on street advertising and other traditional methods. But these are still highly effective approaches that should be included in a holistic marketing strategy. One of these is wild posting, and Love Creative Marketing can help launch such a campaign. Wild poster advertising is the best way to reach a local target audience and gain brand recognition.

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Street Advertising Services

What Is Wild Poster Advertising?

Wild posting and its many variations is a form of street advertising using static posters. The biggest difference from traditional posters is that wild posters are meant to be eye-catching. With loud colors and bold designs, these adverts attract maximum attention and exposure to a brand. This is heightened by the fact that wild posters are added in high foot-traffic areas like sidewalks, dense urban communities, and construction sites.

The media, theater, and entertainment industries get the most benefit from this type of street-level campaign. However, any company can take advantage of it with our help. We’ll partner with you to create interactive and attention-grabbing designs.

Does It Still Work?

Yes. Installing street adverts on poster sites is still an effective marketing strategy.

  1. Promotes Brand Recognition: Wild posters and other forms of Guerrilla poster advertising sow the seeds of intrigue among viewers, especially when designed correctly. So whenever people see similar themes and colorways, they immediately associate it with the brand.
  2. Encourages Interaction: Some wild poster formats allow viewers to directly interact with it, like taking tabs from a tear-off poster or scanning QR codes. They can even take the entire poster and use it as decoration for their rooms. This cultivates brand loyalty as well as recognition.
  3. Can Be Used for Online Campaigns: If you need more marketing collateral for your website or social media pages, you can take pictures of wild posters surrounded by pedestrians. This adds some flair to your campaign and localises it to specific areas.
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The Love Creative Marketing Method

Ready to start your wild wheat paste poster advertising campaign? Here’s the process that lets Love Creating Marketing deliver outstanding results.

1. Planning

We’ll discuss your plans and desired outcomes from the campaign. Together, we’ll design posters and campaign strategies that take into account your branding, the intended result, and matters like flight length, printing, and distribution. That way, all your bases are covered and you can minimise issues during the campaign itself.

2. Printing and Distribution

Once the concept, design, and schedules are finalized, we’ll move on to the printing and distribution. We’ll handle the logistics of this stage and ensure that the wheat paste posters are delivered to the target neighbourhoods and other locations.

3. Deployment/Posting

Our team will begin pasting the wild posters on the designated areas, making sure that they’re in places with high visibility. That way, you can effectively promote events and highlight new products, increase brand awareness, and foster customer loyalty.

4. Back Up Postings

Wild posters are at the mercy of weather conditions and human intervention. Some will be torn away or posted over hours after application. Thankfully, Love Creative Marketing offers a backup run one or two days after the initial posting to address these problems.

5. Data Analysis and Assessment

We’ll provide a report that evaluates the performance of the wheatpaste poster advertising campaign. This will focus mostly on engagements, such as the number of people who scanned QR codes or called telephone numbers.

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Formats To Choose From

Traditional Wild Posters

Traditional wild posters are single sheets of paper posted over a surface. They have a utilitarian design, but we can create layouts that elevate their otherwise plain appearance. That includes checkerboard layouts and banners. In general, traditional posters begin at size 36” by 24”, but these can be modified according to your preferences.

Off-the-Wall/Interactive Posters

This other format gives more room for creativity. Combined with our unconventional marketing services, we can design wild posters that create a buzz and put your company in the spotlight. Interactive posters include tear-away posters, 3D posters, and posters with special functionalities.

Street Poster Advertising London — Also Serving Other Locations!

Wild posters work best in dense and urban areas, especially ones with street art culture. We specialise in big cities across the US and UK, finding the best locations for maximum visibility. Here are some of the locations we can work on:

Wild Poster Advertising Services New York
New York Wild Poster Adverting Agency

Our Tips for Effective Street Posters

We’ll do most of the heavy lifting for your wheatpaste poster advertising, but we wanted to share some tips to help you during the planning process.

  1. Freestyle or Permitted: Freestyle or unpermitted wild posters are posted without permission. This creates a sense of rebellion, which works in certain industries. Permitted posting is the exact opposite, and it offers benefits like location-specific visibility. You’ll need to consider which best suits your branding during the planning stage.
  2. Understand the Poster Culture of the City: Each city has a unique approach to posters and street art in general. You might want to consider different looks, layouts, and moods if you’re posting in multiple locations.
  3. Deploy New Designs at Regular Intervals: This is how you can keep your company fresh in the minds of pedestrians. We can help you maintain a scheduled rollout and come up with fresh designs.

Our Other Services

Wild posters belong to an umbrella of marketing strategies called Guerrilla marketing, which also falls into a larger category called out-of-home or OOH poster adverts. These are all the physical advertising approaches that, as the name implies, exist outside of the consumer’s homes. We’re experts in this regard, offering other services like:

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