Alcohol Product Sampling Promotion

Love Creative Marketing was chosen to team up with EMG Communications on behalf of Black Tower to create a major campaign to promote brand awareness to existing and new consumers.

We wanted to make potential consumers say “wow” with the use of print advertisements, samplings in busy streets and wedding shows, and social media promotions to spread the word about Black Tower wines.

The Result:

Love Creative Marketing created buzz by having brand ambassadors represent Black Tower during their summer wine promotion by giving out 280 free wine samples per day to the target audience of stylish, design aware young adults and families.

The promotion was split into 2 phases of 6 week activities over 12 weekends at a variety of guerrilla sampling locations.

Our promotion included AdWalkers wearing boards on their backs during the sampling, AdBikers rode the surrounding areas to inform audiences of the sampling happening close by, and the participants were encouraged to enter a selfie competition and talk about the brand in order to receive their wine sample.

The Selfie competition had to have a Black Tower AdWalker in the background of the selfie and needed to either tag their page, hashtag it, or post it to Black Tower’s Facebook wall, thus creating a lot of engagement with social media.

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