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Case Study: Drink Product Sampling for Vidas Drinks at Major London Festivals

Love Creative Marketing, a leading new product sampling agency, set up a series of events for Vidas Drinks that put their drinks into the hands of consumers around London. Vidas Drinks, recognised throughout Europe for offering guilt-free nutrition which is healthy, balanced and yet still tasty in its own right; among this broad range dried concentrates are well known too aimed to make available a variety of new flavors at a range of key festivals.

About Vidas Drinks

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Vidas Drinks committed itself to helping people find and maintain a balanced diet while still experiencing gourmet cuisine. This aim was reflected in the boutique product series:and refreshing drinks types such as Guarana & Vitamin B, Elderflower, Figs and Black Seed. Every drink was made to have both nutritional value and be full of flavour, following their own philosophy of fairness or sincerity

Campaign Execution

In order to ensure a memorable and interactive experience, Love Creative Marketing was able to recruit a group of vivacious brand ambassadors from the thousands available in their national database. These ambassadors wearing colourful Vidas t-shirts were stationed inside a specially and attractively designed canopy which was intended to catch foot traffic at each festival.

Engagement and Interaction

These drink product sampling brand ambassadors used interactive techniques to attract the audience, including a fun and appealing game for visitors who tries it. This approach captured not just the audience’s attention but also their own participation, so they spent longer interacting with Vidas as a brand.

Festival Product Sampling

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Throughout the day, thousands of free samples were given away providing a mult-sensory experience as visitors could taste, smell, see and handle the products. This approach is recognised as one of the most effective means of communicating directly with consumers in order to give kits that satisfy all five senses; hardly a bad strategy for landing customers where it counts.

Results and Impact

The campaign was highly successful, and there was a great deal of buzz generated around the Vidas Drinks brand. The visceral tasting experience provided by such hands-on demonstrations allowed young people not only to directly experience these high-quality natural products but also to taste the variety offering of soft drinks in one go – for example following from that game in conversation with a couple backpackers that had just returned from Europe or where merely life goes on alongside such bulk orders made in their own vehicles and the fresh competition ordinances enacted last year by local governments.

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Love Creative Marketing’s joint project with Vidas Drinks at major festivals around London shows the power of strategic drink product sampling. By presenting a multi-sensory brand introduction to a broad public audience, they effectively created both brand awareness and actual trial of the Vidas product. This case study underscores the necessity for FMCG manufacturers to interact with consumers interactively and directly as part of promoting products effectively.

This case study summarises Love Creative Marketing’s effective strategies and the benefits that Vidas Drinks reaped. It points to how product sampling enhances brand recognition and customer trust.

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