Beer Product Sampling Campaign with Alhambra Beer

 Beer Product Sampling Campaign with Alhambra Beer


Beer product Sampling  UK – Starting in April through till to December 2019, Love Creative Marketing will be conducting a beer product sampling campaign with Alhambra Beer in major UK supermarkets.

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Alhambra is part of Mahou San Miguel Spanish beer company born in 1925. The Alhambra Reserva 1925 is a hand-crafted 6,4% super premium lager with hand-selected Saaz hops, renowned for their delicate aroma and floral spicy flavour.

To raise brand awareness and drive product sales, Love Creative Marketing planned and managed a beer product sampling promotion at selected Whole Food stores across the UK.

Branded Promotional Beer Stand

Promo Beer Sampling Stand

A branded stand was positioned in stores close to the stocked beer and the promotional staff there were carefully selected from our events staffing agency database. They were trained on Alhambra’s key communication messages and best ways on how to engage with target audiences.

Alongside sampling Alhambra beer, we also gave away free Manchego cheese. This enhances all the flavours of the beer, with a good combination of intensity, highlighting the floral notes of its hops. The carbonation of the beer cleans the palate and creates a fresh sensation.

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After consumers sampled the beer, they were more than happy to purchase a bottle or a six pack. Satisfyingly, all stocks have been sold out in selected stores.



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