Brand Awareness Sampling Campaign – Floward

Brand Awareness Product Sampling Campaign – Floward

Love Creative Marketing partnered with a luxury flowers delivery company to increase brand awareness before Valentine’s Day in order to drive sales during the seasonal period. The campaign ran for 5 days during the week before Valentine’s day.

Promo staff selected from our event staffing division distributed free samples of red roses and leaflets to the public in branded uniform at targeted locations: Hyde Park, Liverpool Street, Waterloo, Chelsea, Knightsbridge. The key messages communicated to the public centred around the Valentine’s Day discount code and same day delivery of ethically sourced flowers. The promotion staff also engaged with the public with extra information about the extra gifts they offer such as candles, perfumes and chocolate, perfect for a Valentine’s surprise.

The flowers were beautifully presented in branded bikes.

Brand awareness product sampling staff

Product Sampling Staff

Guerrilla marketing is one of the strongest forms of events marketing and a great way to promote your product or service around a calendar event. Street marketing events give brand ambassadors the opportunity to interact with your brand target demographic face-to-face to develop a lasting relationship and establish memorable experiences. We can help with all your guerrilla marketing needs, contact us and start planning today. If you would like to treat yourself to a special offer, please contact Floward and use the code VD20 for 20% off flowers and gifts.

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