Hire Tube Stations Event Staff – Train Stations Promotional Staff

Train Station Promotional Staff – Tube Stations Event Staff

While planning a promotion you should take different locations into consideration and do some research on where to target your audience the best. A good solution could be placing promotional Staff in train and tube stations. Over 240 million people travelled via rail services in 2015 alone. With this number, rail services are the most used travel mode right after cars, taxis and vans. The statistics also show that over 57% of the rail trips are for commuting or business. Therefore you can target both B2B and B2C customers at the same time.

In average passengers spend about 7 minutes on the platform or train station doing nothing but waiting for the train. In this period of time they are most susceptible to advertising.

By leafleting in train stations you can make sure that your flyers will be read and ingested because people will actually read the leaflets while standing on the platform. Another method could be an engaging activity by professional promotional Staff such as sampling or face to face marketing. This way you could create a unique impression in the minds of the passengers as you have reconciled the boring waiting time with something pleasuring and entertaining. You will not only increase awareness of the brand to the people in the station but will also kick off mouth to mouth and social media propaganda.

To implement a successful promotion in a train station you have to know which stations have the highest footfall, such as Liverpool Street, Waterloo or Manchester Station and also which times to activate in order to hit your targeted audience.

Love Creative Marking can not only provide experienced, motivated and engaging promotional Staff in tube stations but also help you plan your activity regarding target audience, times and locations.

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