Marketing: Back to The Roots to Bring You Forward

Our Society is becoming more modern and digitalised every single day. We interact via smartphone, computer, tablet or even watches. We don’t look for jobs in the Newspaper, we check the online advertisements. Rather than going in to a letting agency people check websites. Billboards became big screens a long time ago. Usual advertising is now flashing and moving.

With all those developments it becomes increasingly harder to filter the useful from the unnecessary information, the important from the irrelevant, the truth from the fakes. Media literacy is fading away and companies make use of this fact.

It is easy to manipulate consumers  in a world where fake news can’t be divided from the reality. It is easy to bombard someone with advertising when you can buy their browsing information and target them on all channels.

advertising overload in mass media

But with this targeting comes resistance. Targeting the mainstream, you are basically targeting nobody. Advertising becomes impersonal and nobody feels included. People tend to ignore online advertising. They get annoyed and block it from their mind. Some companies who practice online advertising way too excessively get the stigma of being cheap and rather fake.

This is because people are missing trust nowadays. The media gave way too many opportunities to frame people and take their money.

That is exactly why we need to go back to the roots. Back on the streets. It becomes more and more important to interact with potential customers and give the company a face to trust. We call it Face to Face Marketing.

Before media became viral people spread their message on the street, used print media and mouth to mouth propaganda. They gave samples and created customer experiences.

And that is the only way you can win back customers trust, create customer loyalty and promote your company with exactly the image that you want to represent. And the best part is: You can target your audiences directly. Rather than addressing a mass audience you can target only those segments your products are invented for.

Guerrilla marketing and Experiential Marketing generate direct action by the audience and engagement with the brand. Rather than just talk about the benefits of your brand you are able to give the customers the real-life experience and answer questions before the interest fades. If your product is good there is no need to hide it behind flashlights, sound systems or special effects. Sometimes less is more. Make your product the show rather than just a participate in it.

Sometimes progress can bring reward, but sometimes a step backwards can separate you from the mainstream and bring you forward.

An article by Celine Janson.