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Creative guerrilla marketing & promotional staffing agency working with brands and media agencies. Delivering bespoke street marketing campaigns, train & tube station postering advertising and face to face guerrilla marketing solutions that create buzz, raise awareness and drive sales.

Bespoke guerrilla marketing campaigns can include: Clean & Chalk Stencil Advertising, Building Light Projections, Branded Promotional Trailers, Promotion Roadshows, Promotional Staff, Ad Bikes, Ad Boards and Promotional Space Hire.

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Creative Guerrilla Marketing - In Store Product Sampling Staff - Chalk & Clean Stencils - Train Station Advertising
  • Tube & Train Poster Advertising Agency

    Bus Advertising, Current London Underground Adverts, London Underground Advertising Posters, Out Of Home Advertising, Train Station Poster Advertising

  • Clean Stencils – Chalk Stencils Campaigns

    Ambient Media, Case Studies, Clean Stencils & Chalk Stencils, Guerrilla Marketing

  • Hello Sunny Guerrilla Marketing

    Ambient Media, Case Studies, Events Staff, Exhibition Girls, Exhibition Staff-Manchester, Field Marketing Agency, Guerrilla Marketing Agency London, Pop Up Shop Temp Staff, Product Demonstration Staff, Promotional staff, Travel Agent Promotional Ideas

  • Guerrilla Marketing Projections

    Case Studies, Guerrilla Marketing Agency London, Light Projections, unconventional advertisement

  • Guerilla Marketing Campaign (Haiti)

    Case Studies, Casual Event Staff London, Clean Stencils & Chalk Stencils, Events Staff, Exhibition Girls, Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing Agency London, Live Brand Experience, Pop Up Shop Temp Staff, Product Demonstration Staff, Travel Agent Promotional Ideas

  • Field Marketing Campaign London for G Star

    Case Studies, Casual Event Staff London, Events Staff, Exhibition Girls, Field Marketing Agency, Pop Up Shop Temp Staff, Product Demonstration Staff, Promotional staff, unconventional advertisement

  • Roadshow Staff- Pop up Shop Staff

    Case Studies, Field Marketing Agency, Pop Up Shop Temp Staff, Product Demonstration Staff, Promotional staff, Travel Agent Promotional Ideas, unconventional advertisement

Supplying brands and media agencies with bespoke creative guerrilla marketing ideas nationwide, Love Creative Marketing ensures that all event promotional campaigns will have a big impact on targeted audiences and on social media networks. As a professional promotional staffing agency we carefully select promotional staff that are professionally trained and match your brand identity. LCM is known as one of the best street marketing agencies.



We are fortunate to work with some great brands providing pop up shops, experiential marketing campaigns, guerrilla marketing stunts and promotional staffing services. A dedicated team of creative marketing experts will work with you tailoring your promotion campaign so maximum results can be achieved.


Creative Guerrilla Marketing - Street Marketing - Tube Station Advertising

Unconventional Marketing Solutions

Are you are launching a product or service or looking to conduct an experiential marketing campaign?  Speak to the event industry marketing experts today.  We plan and promote projects nationwide that are very effective.   Guerrilla marketing campaigns (buzz marketing) are a great marketing tool used to raise brand awareness as well as social media engagement. If you would like to hire promotion staff  London, Birmingham, Manchester or Scotland from a leading promotional staffing agency, call us now as we have a dedicated database of 4000 promotional staff nationwide ready to work.

Promo Staff London

We will work to get your brief or quote back to you within your deadlines and ensure we are competitive.

Street marketing brand activations include: experiential marketing – guerrilla marketing – pop up shops – promotional staffing services.

We can provide you with top locations in London, Manchester & Birmingham to name a few. We specialise in targeted guerrilla style, with minimum risk.

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