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 Train Station Poster Advertising

Brand awareness marketing agency explains the the rise of different communication methods in advertising offered by marketing and media agencies is one of the reasons for the flourishing of the industry.  Out of-home is a popular approach to reaching the audience in different steps of their consumer journey. Poster advertising, as one cornerstone of OOH, has not leaved professional marketer’s minds for a long time due to their ability to succeed at informative and eye-catching purposes.

Poster Advertising Tube


When it comes to reaching a local audience while aiming to achieve high visibility, tube poster advertisement is ideal for traffic exposure, bearing in mind the high levels of footfall in stations on a day-to-day basis. Looking at the rise in mobile population, it is not surprising to see this advertising medium as the choice for well renowned brands to convey a message in the London underground. Research shows that close to 5 million passenger journeys are made within London’s iconic underground infrastructure.

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Further studies conclude that this advertising method is not as intrusive as other marketing communication channels. Poster advertising is able to raise brand awareness through being present in strategic locations. Passengers often encounter posters near enough to be read while waiting for trains or moving between stations.

Bus Shelter Advertising London

Bus Shelter Advertising Cost London

Marketing experts state how usually passengers are able to read 1000 words of copy and hence Tube line ads are said to take on ‘’a life of their own’’, with captivating story lines. As a fun fact, even the London Transport Museum Shop holds on stock various vintage Underground posters.

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