Why You Should Use Guerrilla Marketing

If you are looking to market your brand right now, you have a whole bunch of unconventional ways to get your message across.

Thanks to the internet, you don’t have to pay someone to plaster your brand name all over the city. All you need is a creative out-of-the-box idea that sells your message. And if you can execute that idea on a low budget, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Guerrilla marketing goes all the way back to 1984, when American business writer Jay Konrad published a book about what makes it the ideal promotion strategy.

Konrad described it as taking the viewer by surprise, creating a solid impression, and eventually creating massive buzz through word of mouth.

Two women talking in the street.
Approach people and start a conversation.

If your business only uses traditional marketing, you are missing out on an incredibly valuable opportunity to gain attention and generate more leads and sales.

In this article, we are going to be breaking down why you should use guerrilla marketing to get the attention your business deserves.

Benefits of Using Guerrilla Marketing for Your Brand

As a small business, you should use guerrilla marketing techniques to promote yourself because they have been shown repeatedly to be effective. Here are seven reasons why you should launch a guerrilla marketing campaign.

1.   It’s Cheap To Execute

Ask marketers about what makes guerrilla marketing beneficial, and they will most likely address its low cost. Every marketing strategy doesn’t have to be expensive. And guerrilla marketing proves this by bringing out creative ideas with a pocket-friendly budget.

A big reason for its low cost is that it can occur spontaneously. You can set up your ideas in many spaces using structures and landmarks around you. The right guerrilla marketing techniques can be executed anywhere, whether a bus stop or an escalator.

Rather than billboards or television, use cleverly placed stickers, postcards, or inexpensive flyers that say the right thing. Remember, guerrilla marketing isn’t about spending thousands of dollars. It’s about creatively expressing the right idea.

2.   Makes Your Advertisements Memorable

Imagine you walk up to a Mcdonald’s and see the sign flipped. Well, that’s exactly what McDonald’s did for International Women’s Day, and it ended up being a bit hit. Guerrilla marketing gives you the freedom to be more daring. And the results are long-lasting and leave memorable impressions.

When something pops out of the blue and creates buzz, people will likely remember it for some time. With different experimental techniques, people are left impressed and want to learn more about your product or service.

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3.   Allows You to Be Creative

To promote the movie “Kong: Skull Island,” enormous footprints were left behind at busy intersections throughout Los Angeles. One of the places was a beach, where large gorilla footprints amazed, startled, and aroused the curiosity of both locals and tourists.

Isn’t that creative? Well, creativity is what separates guerrilla marketing from various other marketing strategies. It allows you to showcase your product in a different way from its everyday context. Marketing can be done in several ways, but creativity is what makes an idea captivating.

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4.   Makes Your Brand Stand Out by Connecting With Others

Guerrilla marketing also has the power to make your brand different from the competition. When you launch guerrilla campaigns, they convey your message in a simple yet engaging manner. And your brand instantly starts to get the spotlight.

An effective type of guerrilla marketing is Street marketing, which takes place outside your business’s premises. It is intended to be an inexpensive yet effective strategy that relies on creative and unusual tactics that are memorable for the emotions they evoke. You can simply walk up to people with the right pitch and establish a direct connection.

Guerrilla marketing isn’t a one-man’s job. It requires proper support and the right people. When you reach out to like-minded people, ideas start to flourish. That is why guerrilla marketing is defined as advertisements that are out of the ordinary.

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5.   Publicity Can Snowball

People love to share their experiences. And what could be a better way to boost engagements than some clever spray painting or creating reverse graffiti?

Nowadays, everything is shared online, and when people come across something that has the potential to get “views,” they instantly take advantage of that.

Guerrilla marketing can do wonders for your brand as it has the potential to attract online and offline audiences. Getting the proper engagement on the internet isn’t easy, but when you combine art and marketing the right way, you can get more shares and sales.

6.   Uses Emotions and Provokes Change

In a Hunger Awareness advertisement, “Feed South Africa” used pictures of underprivileged children in people’s shopping carts to speak to the audience in a way that could spark their feelings for the cause. Creating advertisements that emotionally impact people has a substantial effect on purchasing decisions. 

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Although most Guerrilla Advertisements are witty, some can touch the audience on a more serious subject. Brands that stimulate a stronger emotional response get 3 times more word-of-mouth promotion than brands that don’t.

It’s a good idea to gather several ideas and opinions to create something that attracts and emotionally engages a broad range of people.

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7.   Builds Brand Image

Creativity, broad thinking, and alluring ideas define a brand that prioritizes solutions to people’s everyday problems. When a company makes guerrilla marketing part of its promotional strategy, consumers consider the brand more credible and trustworthy.

If someone had a fun experience with your campaign, they would translate those positive feelings to your brand. You can create innovative strategies that stimulate brand awareness by choosing the right resources and tactics. Additionally, it will encourage audience engagement and discussion about your brand, drawing customers closer to the point of sale.

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Wrapping Up

Guerrilla marketing is a powerful tool to help brands create buzz about their products. It not only increases brand awareness but also gives consumers a glimpse into the values and causes that your company supports, whether those are social causes, environmental preservation, or entertainment. Now that you know the benefits of guerrilla marketing, it’s time to create a strategy that makes people step out of their daily routine and notice your brand. Contact us at love creative marketing to learn more about how guerrilla marketing can help your business grow

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