5 Street Marketing Techniques

For a business to succeed, it has to attract customers. That’s why marketing is so important. However, marketing is also an investment – you need to put money into a campaign before seeing its results. But what happens when you own a small business without many resources? The solution lies in guerrilla marketing. You’ll find an especially effective form of it in street marketing. So put on some comfortable clothes and get ready to leave your office because you’ll want to implement these street marketing techniques as soon as possible.

What is street marketing?

Street marketing is a type of guerrilla marketing that happens outside of your business premises. Like all other types of guerrilla marketing, it is intended to be an affordable yet effective strategy that relies on creative and unusual tactics, memorable for the emotions they stir. The point of street marketing specifically is to find customers where they already are instead of waiting for them to come to you. With hundreds or even thousands of people passing through the area every day, you’ll undoubtedly be able to reach many new prospects.

A crowded street
Street marketing happens outside of the business.

Why should you use street marketing?

Street marketing has many benefits over traditional marketing. To start with, it’s a lot more affordable. It is also a great way to cast a wide net and approach people of all demographics, instead of narrowly focusing on a single target demographic. Finally, it gives you almost endless freedom to develop unique strategies that stand out from the crowd. And now is the perfect time to do it. Over the last 18 months, brands transformed significantly as they adjusted to a world gripped by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most turned to digital marketing as people were spending more time online than usual. But people have grown sick of being isolated and staring at screens. As we slowly get back to normal again, people are going out more and spending time with others again. Street marketing is your chance to do the same.

The best street marketing techniques

Which street marketing ideas you implement will depend on your business, your goals, and your resources. Not all tactics will work equally well for all businesses. But some of the best techniques that you should definitely take into consideration are:

#1 – Talking to people

A simple and straightforward strategy that has worked for centuries is simply approaching people with the right pitch. What you’re going to say depends entirely on how you want to sell your business. You can talk about what you do, but you could also market your business through a questionnaire, with a song, or with jokes. In fact, you could combine multiple conversation strategies in one – this type of marketing is very interactive, which means you can adapt to each person you talk to. This personalized approach will score you a lot of points.

Two women talking in the street.
Approach people and start a conversation.

#2 – Using street art

One of the big problems with marketing today is the oversaturation of the market. People are sick and tired of hearing and seeing ads everywhere. So do something different – turn your marketing into art. From large murals painted by graffiti artists to poetry written on subway platforms, art can be a powerful tool for your business. People will respond to its uniqueness, creativity, and artistic value and learn to associate your business with these characteristics as well.

#3 – Offering samples

One of the best ways to convert customers is to give them a taste of what you’re offering. Whether they get to sample your products or test out your services, people love getting things for free. So they’re unlikely to turn you down if you make the offer. Then, it’s up to you to make sure that they enjoy what they try so much that they decide to come back and pay for it as well. If you’re confident in what you’re selling, this is an excellent strategy for you.

#4 – Organizing a performance

A combination of art and sampling, a street performance that showcases your business can be unique, memorable, and very effective. There are multiple ways to approach this strategy – you can back street performers with money or products, and they can, in turn, wear your merchandise. Or you can do something more experiential with a pop-up store. Let your imagination run wild!

Street art.
Using unconventional Murals, shutter art is always a good idea.

#5 – Participating in local events

Are there any fairs, street exhibits, or other large gatherings happening near you soon? If so, try to join up! You will undoubtedly be able to reach tons of people, increase your visibility among the locals, and benefit from the efforts the organizers put in without investing much yourself. That is, after all, what such events are for. But even if you can’t afford an official spot, there is still hope. You could crash the event to make an impression. While this is a controversial tactic that can easily backfire, it has excellent results when it works well; the only question is how much risk you’re willing to take.

Tips to improve your street marketing techniques

Street marketing techniques will only work well when you do them well. So to improve your chances of success, follow these tips:

  • look the part: wear a work uniform or some type of merchandise with your business name and logo so that people can recognize you and know the business you represent
  • meet your target demographic where they are: it’s all about reaching the right people –  if you’re trying to attract locals, implement your marketing in the area surrounding your business; if you’re trying to attract students, visit local universities
  • become a familiar face: the more street marketing you do, the more your exposure increases
  • perfect your pitch: some people don’t like being approached on the street and won’t be very susceptible to your marketing; that’s why you need to come up with the perfect pitch that captivates people from the start
  • follow the law: in some places, you won’t be allowed to campaign, hand out flyers, or put up posters; it would be best to call and speak to the experts who know how best to help your brand, product or service.

Keep in mind that even street marketing requires a plan. So don’t just go out in the streets without first sitting down, writing out your goals, and coming up with a strategy.

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