Successful Guerrilla Marketing in the UK, Guerrilla Marketing New York-style, Guerrilla Marketing ANYWHERE in fact typically results from effectively utilising these top ten guerrilla marketing techniques:

Top 10 Guerrilla Marketing Examples

  1. Flash MobsFlash Mob Marketing. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Exciting. Electrifying. It’s unquestionably effective, too. Flash Mob marketing stunts are a proven way to catch the general public by surprise and keep them gripped. They’re a huge hit that can stop traffic, not just wowed passers-by. Imagine that. Find a fabulously fun Flash Mob here
Promo Flash Mob
Hire Flash Mob
  1. Building Projection Advertising – That’s pretty self-explanatory, right? Right. But to do it well you need to find skilled guerrilla marketing professionals with a wealth of Building Projection Advertising experience and expertise
Guerrilla Building Projections
  1. Mobile Media Vehicles – We’ve all seen these, haven’t we. They’re eye-catching. Colourful. Cool. Quirky somehow. Crucially, they help create a buzz, and – as well as being eco-friendly – they’re absolutely perfect for some marketing roadshow campaigns, too. It’s not all “why walk when you can whizz?”, though. To get the most from Mobile Media Vehicles you have to use them tactically. Love Creative Marketing will steer you in the right direction😉
  1. Promotional Field Marketing Staff – Take pressure off yourself, and reach your campaign goals with ease by entrusting your marketing efforts to tried and tested promo staff: dedicated marketing men and women who like nothing more than getting out there onto the streets, doing powerful product and service demonstrations, sampling, selling, collecting potential customers’ data…
Promotional Field Marketing Staff
  1. Wild Postering (aka Wild Posting) – Don’t fret. It’s all above board. Totally legal. This guerrilla marketing option is a simple yet super-powerful way of spreading the word, or rather PLASTERING it across the walls of teeming cities and towns. Think amazing artwork fused with scintillating copywriting. Catching passers-by attention isn’t just possible but wholly unavoidable! Get in touch with the Love Creative Marketing Posting Pros to find out how to get the absolute max from Wild Posting, but without getting fined £££$$$.
Wild Poster Advertising
  1. Reverse Graffiti Advertising – Aka Clean Graffiti or Street Graffiti this form of street and wall stencilling guerrilla marketing is attention grabbing, and becoming increasingly popular, particularly as the world strives to become as environmentally-friendly as possible. Keep your Footprint light but your marketing heavy, by utilising truly stunning Reverse Graffiti designs.
  1. Ambush/Buzz Marketing – Have you heard the news? It’s cool to be covert. Save money and get your message across to a wider audience than you could otherwise afford to reach, by ‘piggybacking’ a sponsor’s campaign. No, really. Always expertly equipped, and deployable at short notice, the Love Creative Marketing Ambush Squad can be awesomely effective, but without undermining a main sponsor’s marketing campaign. (Well, not by much 😉)
Outdoor Marketing Agency
Buzz Marketing
  1. Ambient Media – The placing of ads at seemingly unconventional places can be surprisingly effective.
Ambient Media Agency
Ambient Media Advertising

Just ask Julius Francis, the heavyweight boxer so convinced that he’d get knocked out cold by Iron Mike Tyson in 2000 that he sold the ad space on the soles of his boxing boots! (It’s called Ambient Marketing, Julius, NOT Ambulance Marketing!)

  1. Product Sampling at Tube Stations – Tube/Subway Stations in bustling cities are usually busy busy, beyond jam-packed. That’s a lot of potential customers all in one concentrated area – people who are continually moving, a constant flow. The space for low engagement yet high volume product sampling can be quite small, though, meaning that you need to know exactly what you’re doing. Don’t take a chance on this, risking your marketing budget, seeing your hard-earned cash go, ahem, down the tubes…. Getting your products into people’s hands is best left to experts.
Product Sampling Tube Station  Staff
Product Sampling Train Station Staff

And last, but certainly not least:

  1. Promotional Roadshows – Get into gear. Handbrake off. Hit the road. Break new ground. Get your message out there LOUD AND CLEAR. Instead of going round the houses, deliver your brand or products directly to your target audience. Head for a location with a high footfall of your chosen demographic, and see your sales rise.
Promotional Roadshow


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