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Experiential marketing campaigns London UK. Dairy Crest, appointed Love Creative Marketing Agency on behalf of their ‘top up shop’ brand Milk&More to implement a Nationwide, experiential marketing campaign (a live brand experience). The aim being to communicate the convenience of the unique service Milk&More has to offer. The service allows consumers a chance to have fresh milk and over 250 daily essentials delivered to their door by their friendly local milkman.

Love Creative Marketing kicked off the Milk & More large scale tour by visiting scheduled shopping malls and family events, with a live brand experience and providing skilled promotional staff. Once at the venues, key messages were conversed and people encouraged to sign up with various, appealing activities suitable for busy mums.

Experiential Marketing Campaign

Experiential Marketing London

Experiential Marketing

A customer engaging game strategy was implemented. The game gave the players an opportunity to win prizes. The prize was for the consumer(s) to match a pair of daily essentials and instantly redeem them when they sign up to the Milk&More service. A consumer could win up to 3 daily essentials in 1 play of the game, one of the prizes also being an opportunity to get £5.00 instant credit on their Milk&More account. A complimentary massage or a manicure was also available for busy mums to treat themselves in the time that they would have usually spent popping to their top up shop. Not forgetting the children, engaging activities kept the kids entertained such as the DS Nintendo, face painting and a cuddly cartoon character dressed as ‘Daisy the cow’.

Due to the success of this experiential marketing campaign, in conjunction a Pre-Christmas campaign was launched. Sending mobile teams Nationwide in targeted family events, with Daisy the Cow in towe. Over 250 locations were visited in 3 weeks to driving further brand awareness and generating sign ups in time for Christmas.


Shopping Centre Tour

  • 1.8m OTS
  • 957 Total number of sign ups to the service
  • 2720 consumers who engaged with the Live Brand Experience
  • 1179 consumers who further checked their postcodes for availability
  • 18,120 Leaflets distributed
  • 186 Voucher codes redeemed on site
  • 268 Face Painting participants

Pre-Christmas Experiential Campaign

  • 17,973 Consumer Interactions
  • 2,855 Sign ups to the service
  • 24,200 leaflets distributed
  • 3,220 checked their postcodes for availability

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