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Experiential Marketing, is a methodology, an integrated approach which places the live brand experience at the core of the comms plan, with PR, Digital, Broadcast and Advertising being utilised to amplify the real-life interactive and engaging piece at the heart of the campaign.

The experiential marketing campaign is built around a live brand experience that involves two-way communication between the brand and the target audience in real time, therefore featuring a multi-sensory ‘big idea’ at the core of the campaign.

Live, branded activity provides marketers with an opportunity to create a lasting impression on consumers who are increasingly hard to reach through traditional media. Branded events are now commonplace at destinations such as shopping centres, railway stations and festivals.

Experience has become the preferred currency utilised by brands who create meaningful platforms for engagement with their target audiences and innovative campaigns that stand out from the crowd. Live brand experiences are generating brand advocacy, word of mouth, and in some cases, every marketers dream; brand evangelism. Live brand experiences are simply two-way interactions between a brand and its target audiences – can be equally successful across events as well as many interactive technologies and platforms – facilitating communication between consumers and brands in real time.

Experiential Marketing

PR amplification plays an instrumental role in expanding the reach of the live brand experience. The experiential marketing agency should use video and photos from the experience to produce ad creative, social media, specially set up microsite’s, customised social media applications, and user generated content. These work hand in hand to form the integrated experiential marketing campaign. Love Creative Marketing a leading experiential marketing agency.

Experiential Marketing Agency

Experiential Marketing
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