Successful Promotional Marketing Campaigns

Successful Promotional Marketing Campaigns

Love Creative Marketing have been working with several brand over the Spring/Summer 2017 and have conducted some successful marketing campaigns. Campaigns objectives were geared around raising brand awareness and driving online and in store sign ups.

Tranzfar Money Transfer Marketing Campaign


Promotion Marketing Agency

Love Creative marketing agency deployed a team of promotional Brand Ambassadors around London to collect data for the newly launched money Tranzfer app. 100’s of new leads were collected during the 2 week campaign. Tranzfar already had an in store promotion at selected Nigerian restaurants across the UK.

Our teams of well trained promotional staff approached customers and explained the benefits of using Tranzfar and explained how to download the app. Hunderads of new leads were send back to Tranzfar as a part of the promotional campaign.


Pop Up Shop Staff PAX

Love Creative Marketing Agency worked with Pax Vapor to drive potential customers in store for the pop up shop duration. Our in store promotional staff  approached passer by’s and explained about the new vapour products. Customers were then invited in store to test and look around the pop up shop.  Not only did the Brand Ambassadors rise awareness they drove sales on the day of activity.


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