Why use 3D Mapping Projections

Today, marketing is all around us – from billboards by the road to ads on TV, from product placement in blockbuster movies to social media posts. To stand out in a world like this, you need to get creative with your marketing. One tool you should consider is 3D mapping projections. The technology behind them has become much better and more accessible in recent years, making them an excellent option for any business that wants to spread its message in an interesting and impactful way. What is more, 3D projection comes with many benefits that even 2D projection can’t match. So there are plenty of reasons to employ this method in your marketing.

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3D mapping projections – what are they?

Projection mapping allows you to overlay video on a surface using projection technology. 2D projections involve a flat surface like a film screen or a clear wall, but 3D projections take this to another level and play video on 3D surfaces like furnished rooms or large objects. Mapping projections can be used in a variety of ways and for a variety of goals. In fact, the first known instance of using 3D projection was an art project in the 1980s. But projection technology has come a long way since then. Nowadays, you can use 3D projections in schools, as a form of unconventional marketing, or even just for your own private reasons.

3D mapping projections used for an art project.
3D mapping projections allow you to overlay images and videos on any surface, including walls, furniture, and even people.

The benefits of 3D mapping projections

When looking for new ways to advertise your business, 3D projection probably won’t be the first thing that comes to mind. It is not the most common marketing strategy, to be sure. So you might feel a bit intimidated by it. Perhaps you don’t know enough about it, or you’re afraid it’s going to be very expensive. But that is precisely why you need to learn about the benefits of this technology for marketing.

Unlimited options

3D projections are a tool that you can use for marketing alongside many other techniques like TV ads, billboards, and social media stories. But unlike these tools, they have virtually unlimited potential. As the name implies, 3D projections are all about projecting images and videos on 3D objects which is to say everything around you. The wall of a historical building, cars in the parking lot, trees in the park, furniture in a room – all of these and more can be your new canvas. This makes 3D projection mapping an excellent choice for guerilla marketing because it can be incorporated into pretty much any setting, including pop-up shops, other people’s events, and the streets we walk every day.

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But that is not all. Your environment is not just a canvas – it can be part of the projection. You can use the environment to distort the images you’re projecting in specific ways, or you can use the projections to change the appearance of the items around you. Your creativity is the only limit.

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Portable tools

All you need to set up a 3D projection is a projector and the images you want to play. This easily fits in a small bag that you can carry around with you anywhere. As technology continues to advance and improve marketing efforts, you may need even smaller and more portable tools in the future. Either way, you can easily set up your projection anywhere and pack up in no time when you’re done. There’s no need to carry around stacks of flyers, large posters, or anything like that.

A projector on a desk.
The tools you need for smaller projections are easy to carry anywhere you need.

Reusable materials

Unlike print materials, a projector is a one-time expense. Once you have it, you can use it for hundreds of different images and campaigns. With proper care, it can last you years. All you need to do is change the images it is projecting to create an entirely new experience. So, in the long run, it pays off because you can reuse it as many times as you want.

Endless potential for creativity

3D projection mapping can be used to completely change the environment in which it is playing. This makes for excellent ambient marketing but can also be useful in any kind of marketing that aims for a visual impact. With a bit of effort and skill, you can practically do magic with a projector: change the color of a car, play a historical clip in the place where it was shot, bring your videos to life by projecting them in 3D. And to make it all even more interesting, you can project the same image on different 3D surfaces to achieve completely different results. So don’t be stifled by the limitations of 2D media; experiment with various ideas and be as creative as you like.

A room entirely covered with a projection.
With a bit of creativity, projections can create spectacular results.

An immersive experience

Emotions are what spurs us into action. So it should come as no surprise that the best marketing efforts are those that touch your audience emotionally. There are many ways to do this. You can form connections by talking to your customers like the experts who use convertmore.com, you can throw your weight behind an activist cause, you can tell stories with your ads, and more. But one of the best ways is to give your audience a fully immersive experience. Take them out of the moment by creating a new reality where they can see, hear, smell, and touch something different. Sight is only one of the senses you may want to employ. But it’s an important one. And it works better when it’s more than a mere 2D projection on a wall.

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Using 3D mapping projections in marketing

3D mapping projections can be used for all kinds of things. Their use in marketing is also extensive, so how exactly you’re going to employ them will depend on the specifics of your campaign. What’s important is to create quality images or videos to project. Try to take the environment you’re projecting on into account. Use the objects around you effectively, especially if you can incorporate products you’re selling into the ad. Remember to include your brand name and logo visibly – make it large and prominent enough that it’ll be clear no matter the background you’re projecting on. Finally, remember to have fun with it. This type of marketing is all about using your creativity to awe and impress your audience. So try new things and experiment

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