Food Marketing Agency London

Food marketing agency for planning campaign launches. If you have a culinary start-up business or a new product to launch on the market you know that the hardest part is building interest, recommendation and buzz around your product. Food, different to other products, can only be evaluated by simply trying. If you want to launch a mobile phone or a new sweater it s enough to put all necessary information in writing and take good pictures of the product.

Food is different. When somebody decides to like a dish he gives points for taste, smell, look, consistency, price, ingredients and originality. You can inform people about the ingredients , the price and what makes your product special but for all the other factors you have to get people to try for themselves.

The best way to increase the awareness of your product and thereby generate mouth to mouth propaganda is sampling. Everybody loves food. Especially when it is new and for free. This creative marketing method reaches not only those who receive the product but also those close to them. Also, it creates  direct contact to potential customers giving them the opportunity for a first-hand product-experience. This is the foundation for valuable CRM and a broad customer base.

Engaging with potential customer

Carefully selecting the right locations for your product sampling activity, food marketing agency Love Creative Marketing ensures to target the right audience for your brand and get the best results. Our services include the planning your activation, providing engaging and well trained promotional staff who fit your requirements, and supplying photos of your activation to use for promotional purposes.

If you would like to discuss your next FMCG marketing campaign, speak to the food marketing experts who will assist. or call 0207 607 2568