Roadshows & Events

Promotional Roadshows Ideas from  Love Creative Marketing agency. we provide companies or brands with the opportunity to deliver their products or brand directly to their target audience. Roadshow staff is an efficient way of influencing consumers, as Roadshow staff deliver product knowledge and insight to the consumer.

Supermarkets, train stations, shopping centres, high streets and sporting arenas are just a few locations roadshow staff can be placed.


The decision on where to place roadshow staff should be based on the fact that it has a high footfall of the chosen demographic. Roadshow staff aim to get the audience involved in the promotion activity. Therefore, LCM’s roadshow staff is prepared to be pro-active. Furthermore, roadshow staff needs to take the information to the public rather than waiting to be approached.

Whenever mums are part of the target audience it can be effective to have the roadshow staff armed with a few balloons or stickers.

Love Creative Marketing Agency believes that roadshow staff should be chosen based on the image and personality of the brand or product being showcased. The right roadshow staff can enhance customer experience and leave a more lasting impression.

Love Creative Marketing Agency will work with you providing you with roadshow ideas for your product Launch. We have great experience on providing first class concepts including logistics support, location sourcing and full project management.


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