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Love Creative Marketing is a leading Creative Agency that works with digital partners implementing social seeding and online PR. We combine editorial outreach with paid for placement to ensure that the campaigns we seed not only receive views but also buzz, comments, interaction and ultimately sharing through social media. We believe that seeding is not just about views, but also blogger endorsement and lasting brand engagement.

Viral Social Seeding

We’re able to secure preferential rates for paid for placement due to the frequency with which we work with sites. Love Creative Marketing has a proven track record working with leading agencies and global brands to achieve guaranteed results.

Cost effective way of increasing views of your content that is targeted with inbound links created to drive traffic and increase search ranking.

Monitoring of progress with up to date view count and full coverage report provided upon completion of the campaign. Once a video has been placed through seeding it will continue to receive views.


We offer five ad-hoc seeding packages, but we are able to adjust the outreach, placement and promotion seeding mix according to your objective of desired coverage and views.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss a seeding package tailor made to your campaign and budget:

Social Media Maketing

Monthly Retainer

We offer a monthly retainer service on our digital social media services. thousands of views spread across various targeted networks at your pace.

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