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Experiential marketing agency Love Creative Marketing explains. In a cluttered media landscape, where consumers are bombarded with messages, and ad-immunity ensues, brands have realised that to engage and gain attention from their target audiences, they must give back! Something meaningful, something relevant, something which adds value to their daily life.

In a tough economy, with frequent traditional advertising budget cuts, many brand clients actually expect better impact from their ads.

The brands leading the way are using real-life content, in place of sterile, product focused ads. Live brand experiences provide perfect content generation opportunities, ideal for broader amplification. The Experiential Marketing methodology, is the future.

Experiential Marketing History

Over the past 10 years experiential has gone from being perceived as tactical sales promotions and gazebo events, when clients referred to ‘experimental’ and not understanding the medium.

Major global brands, and the worlds most reputable creative agencies are placing live brand experiences at the core of integrated campaigns, utilizing content as ad creative.

By placing an added value live brand experience at the core of an integrated campaign. Not only do consumers who engage in the experience become brand advocates, but the broader consumer base is reached by the amplification channels (OOH, TV, Print, Digital, PR, etc.), who are also exposed to the content from the experience; increasing buzz and word of mouth.

The main differences between an Integrated Experiential Marketing Campaign (EMC) and a Traditional Marketing Campaign…

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