Promotion Ad Whizzers

          Adwhizzers are much more than just mobile advertising.


  • As fully manned promotional units they are able to interact with their audience, allowing the distribution of promotional leaflets and sampling of products.
  • Dynamic campaigns tailor-made to individual Client requirements
  • Adwhizzers and their drivers are available to distribute Client , product, literature and conduct sampling promotions
  • Adwhizzers come with powerful sound systems
  • Drivers are promotional girls, guys or fashion models and can be dressed as the Client wishes (fees negotiated separately from media cost)
  • Adwhizzers can have all over liveries
  • A unique and stylish mobile unit


  • All Adwhizzers are fitted with high quality sound systems allowing the playing of music, advertising jingles or radio, and are fully licensed by the PRS and PPL to play sound recordings for Public Performance.


Promo VehiclesAd Whizz Bikes


  1. It is a totally new mobile outdoor advertising medium in the UK
  2. It can be used tactically to target specific audiences
  3. It can get close in to the Point of Sale
  4. It is appropriate to a wide variety of products and services
  5. It creates a stir
  6. It has great sound system
  7. It is eco friendly
  8. It is flexible to a wide variety of places and venues
  9. It is cool!


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