Brand Awareness Street Campaign – Deliverect

Raising brand awareness in-store is one of the most effective ways to guarantee your target audience is familiar with the product or service your brand offers. Street marketing campaigns allow for a face-to-face interaction between you and your customer, increasing the likeliness of real time conversions.

At Love Creative Marketing, we can support all your guerrilla marketing needs by delivering an effective brand awareness campaign that converts your target audience into buying customers.

Driving Sign-ups and referrals through Field Marketing

To drive sign-ups for our client Deliverect; an order management company focused on aggregating restaurants online delivery orders into one system, an in-store field marketing campaign was set up through a careful selection of event staff to target over a thousand restaurants in London and inquire about Deliverect’s brand. The promo staff pitched the brand to the manager or staff members how integrating Deliverect into their system could help reduce errors and save money in the long-run. A flyer with more information and branded face-masks and aprons were given to potential customers, along with a 1-month free trial opportunity.

Brand ambassadors were throughly trained on Deliverect and the key messages the brand would like to present to potential customers, and wore branded uniform to target the restaurants.

Customers were happy to try the 1-month trial and expressed a lot of interest about Deliverect.

Unconventional street marketing tactics are a great way to increase brand awareness for your product or service. Here at Love Creative Marketing we work on a range of below the line campaigns across the globe and can work with you to tackle any marketing strategy you may have.

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