Food Sampling Staff

Olive you Food Sampling Campaign

 Love Creative Marketing teamed up with a Greek olive producer to raise awareness of olives in London and warm up the hearts of the inhabitants with a food product sampling campaign!

This event was part of a European funded project conducted in a few capital cities in Europe. This campaign, called ‘Olive you’, is aiming to promote the European Table Olive to Great Britain, France, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Austria.

After the success of the UK activation, Love Creative Marketing Agency conducted the same activation in Paris. Product samples were distributed inside and outside Delicatessens over the duration of the promotion. Customer feedback forms were also filled in for marketing research.

Food Sampling Staff

The Solution :

Our smiley and bubbly food sampling staff engaged with Londoners and Parisians wearing branded aprons and ‘Olive you’ caps who then handed out thousands of free delicious olives and explanatory leaflets at stores across those European cities.  Audiences were really enthusiastic and wanted to get more samples.

Product Sampling Staff Paris

Food Sampling Staff

After the success of the product sampling outside London stores and knowing the always greater number of London food lovers, Love Creative Marketing organised an exceptional Olive food Tasting seminar at the CEE Conference Rooms in Russel Square. To stay in the spirit of the European campaign Olive you, Love Creative Marketing wanted to raise awareness of olives by giving a small guest list a unique food experience.

Food Tasting Seminar London

Events Marketing Agency London

Promotional Staff welcoming guest at the the event which started at 10:30am with teas, coffees and a short presentation about the making of the products, their benefits to the human body and a presentation of the lunch menu by the Chefs. This was followed by the food tasting until the beginning of the afternoon.

Marketing Food Brand Ideas

The menu was composed by a classy London chef who used his imagination to implement the Greek olives in each and every part of this special lunch. Fritattas, Pissaladiere and Linguini a la puttanesca were some of the delicacies our guests had the opportunity to taste.

Love Creative Marketing invited food journalists and bloggers to share their experience at the event, write about it and post photos.

If you are planing a food sampling campaign speak to the experts. We have food sampling staff across London, Paris, Germany, Denmark, USA and much more countries. Call 0207 607 2568 or send us  your brief. Contact Us