Product Sampling European Campaign

Guerrilla Marketing and Creative Agency, Love Creative Marketing executed the Refresh product sampling campaign in Warsaw, Poland on behalf of the European Union for the 3rd Year running. Refresh is a project involving the implementation of information and promotional activities for the promotion of fresh fruit and vegetables in internal markets such as Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic.

Product Sampling Campaign

The first part of the Refresh campaign was the roadshow, implemented for 2 days and 6 hours per day in a hight footfall area in Warsaw.

Promotional Roadshow Europe

Love Creative Marketing hired space outside the Shopping centre, Galleria Welinski for the roadshow to take place. In addition, a customised promotional truck, promo stands, and banners were set up to support the campaign.  

Promo Stand Product Sampling

Providing immaculate staff is essential in sustaining a good reputation and providing a memorable experience for the target audience. During the activation, our friendly and motivated event staff distributed the fruit packages with peaches from Greece and cherries from Bulgaria for free to the public. A fun board game was also introduced to children to play during the activation which encouraged the public to stopover and have a little fun with their children. This game was an outside game in which there were 4 boards (one for each season of the year) that a pair of children could play.

Experiential Marketing

Brand Activation Agency Europe

Experiential Marketing

The second part of the campaign was the point of sales activation. Creative Marketing Agency LCM located 10 point of sales inside supermarkets, hypermarkets, and groceries stores. A promo stand and promotional staff were positioned at each point of sale to distribute the fruit packages to the consumer. During the promotion, each promo staff interviewed the target audience to a short questionnaire answering a few questions about consuming fruits and vegetables.

In Store Promotions

In Store Promotion Staff

Regular consumption of fresh fruits ensures the intake of vital vitamins for the body and to encourage a balanced diet. Love Creative Marketing was delighted to be part of an incredible campaign, enhancing a positive reflection of European products.

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