Experiential Marketing Example – Bacardi’s Campaign

Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Bacardi Global Travel Retail launched an experiential marketing campaign at Heathrow airport through the month of September.
The campaign was created in order to give customers an ‘experience’, a virtual reality experience to be exact. The reporting of this campaign was written by David Tran.
Below is a snapshot of the article, enjoy!

The experiential marketing campaign takes shoppers on a journey in a 360° virtual reality experience in the terminal’s concourse area of the brand’s home at The Laverstoke Distillery in Hampshire, as well as providing shoppers the opportunity to enjoy sample Bombay Sapphire and Star of Bombay with made to order hand-crafted cocktail serves.

Experiential Marketing Examples

Bombay Sapphire global director John Grieveson explained the appeal of Heathrow T5 for brand building: “Bombay Sapphire has always held a desire to create moments of beauty, as witnessed in the selection of 10 botanicals from intriguing locations across the globe, the elegant vapour infusion process, its iconic blue bottle and glassware and, of course, the beautiful Laverstoke Distillery where we produce every drop of Bombay gin consumed around the world.

“This amazing experiential marketing campaign at T5 is designed to bring to life these core components of heritage, creativity and innovation in a powerfully engaging story-telling experience that will have passengers setting off for all corners of the world carrying with them a flavour and memory of a stunning Bombay Sapphire experience.”

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